About Us

Are you a student who is looking forward to getting admission to one of the best colleges and universities around?

But are not sure which one would turn out to be the best choice for you?

We have often observed that students who have completed their secondary education are left confused about which institute they should attend to pursue a higher degree. When students search on google for the top best colleges and universities located near their residential area or in neighboring cities, they come across a limited list of colleges or universities. The reviews found on google for these institutions are not always verified, making it risky to select a future college or university based on only google reviews. Some educational institutes are even observed to buy fake reviews or to use false SEO black hat techniques to increase their ratings. So, it becomes absolutely essential to double check the realistic status of each institution. But isn’t it difficult to personally run a background check of every possible college or university you wish to attend? Actually, now it can be easier than ever before. We have brought an amazingly easy and simplified platform to explore and find the college or university that would be the best choice for your educational needs and interests.

STUDENT’S VOICE.COM provides direct access to genuine reviews based on first-hand experiences for every college and university in India. For us, it is the students’ opinions that matter the most. Here you will find reviews and ratings for the colleges that you are interested in, the universities you wish to go to, and even ratings and reviews for the teachers and professors who specialize in the subjects you are interested in. Here all the reviews and recommendations are true and transparent. No manipulation has been done with any of the comments and ratings. The ratings are given by real students who have either graduated or are still pursuing their degree from those colleges and universities. You will have free access to the real-life experiences shared by these students. These reviews can help you make an informed selection of the colleges and universities you wish to attend. Not everyone has intellectual guardians who know which are the best institutions for their children or students, and that is the reason we came up with STUDENT’S VOICE.COM so that every student has the opportunity to choose the best college for them based on genuine reviews.